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All children are entitled to the right to have a lifestyle similar to that as if the parents were together.  In Maryland, child support is established using child support guidelines. The child support obligation from the custodial and the non-custodial parent is based on gross monthly income, alimony paid and received (if applicable), court ordered child support for other children, work related day-care, number of overnights, cost of health insurance for the minor child and extraordinary medical expenses.  If the parents combined income exceeds $15,000.00 the court has the discretion to deviate from the child support guidelines. If a child spends 128 or more overnights with either parent, the court calculates child support on a shared custodial worksheet.  On the other hand, if a child spends less than 128 nights with a parent, the court calculates child support using a sole custodial worksheet.

Once the court establishes child support, the monthly obligation can be modified if there is a material change in circumstances that affects the best interest of the children).  A material change in circumstances includes, but is not limited to, an increase or decrease in either parent’s income, a change in work related day-care expenses, and/or a change in the cost of the child health insurance.

Whether you are seeking child support to establish or defend a child support case, Ms. Weinstein understands the legal standards of Maryland Child Support Laws. 

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Child Support

The establishment of a monthly child support obligation is derived from a formula that is based upon Maryland's Child Support Guidelines. The guidelines set forth a mathematical formula by which to calculate child support based on a proportion of each parent's income.

The Child Support Guidelines considers many factors:

  • Each parent's gross income
  • The cost of medical insurance for the minor child
  • Any work-related day care expense
  • Any other child support the noncustodial parent has been ordered to pay for other children not related to the case
  • And more

If a child spends 128 or more overnights with each parent, a shared custody calculation is used. If a child spends less than 128 overnight with a parent, a sole custody calculation is used. The difference between the two obligations can be substantial.

We can help you understand and establish an accurate gross monthly income and child-related financial obligations that are applicable under the Maryland Child Support Guidelines, and make sure your rights and the rights of your children are protected.

Child Support Modifications

If there has been a material change in circumstance to the financial situation, of you or your former spouse or the child's other parent, you have the right to petition the court for a child support modification. A material change in circumstances includes but is not limited to, an increase or reduction in income, a change in the cost of the child's health insurance, and/or a change in the child's day care or work-related day care expenses.

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Whether you are a parent that is seeking child support or one that is battling excessive child support obligations, your attorney will need to understand the legal standards of Maryland’s child support laws. Experience counts, and hiring the right attorney is a vital part of attaining a favorable outcome in your child support needs. At the Law Office of Charlotte K. Weinstein, we devote a majority of our practice exclusively in areas related to Maryland family law. We will listen to your needs to better understand your situation, inform you of your options, and make sure your rights are protected. Contact Annapolis divorce lawyer Charlotte K. Weinstein today at (443) 454-8043 to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.